Imosi (imosi) wrote,

nice story

Two twins are talking in their mother's womb.
- Do you believe in life after birth?
- Of course there is life after birth! Maybe our present life is just a preparation for life after birth.
- That is nonsense. There is no life after birth. What would such life look like?
- I don't know exactly, but I'm pretty sure that there would be much more light, and that we will be able to walk with our legs and eat with our mouths.
- That's utter rubbish. You know it's impossible to walk. Eating with mouth, hah! We have umbilical cord for that. I tell you, there is no life after birth.
- The cord is too short. I'm certain there's something after birth. Something entirely different than what we have now.
- No one has returned from the born. Life ends after birth. Besides, life is nothing else than living in this dark environment.
- Well, I'm not sure what is life after birth like, but in any case we will meet our mom. She will take care of us.
- Mom!? You believe in Mom? And according to you, where is this supposed Mom?
- All around us, of course. Thanks to her we live, without her we wouldn't exist.
- I don't believe it. I've never seen Mom, and I'm assured that she doesn't exist.
- Possibly. But sometimes, when we're completely still, you can her singing. You know, I'm assured that after birth, life is only beginning...
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